TWO MILLION DOLLAR Luxury Homes for sale WA Washington Jet over San Juan Islands

Tour this Washington luxury home for sale from a private jet and the ground! Take the exclusive Next Edge HD luxury real estate Video tour of this million dollar+ luxury home in Washington State. From the San Juan islands flyover in a Diamond Twin Star to the bay views from this gorgeous property… this is a home not to be missed. Highlights include: Main house + separate guest house, Huge car collector’s garage – perfect for exotic car collections and even the largest boats and RVs, outdoor shower, 10 perfectly landscaped acres, gorgeous home with immaculate decor, massage & meditation room, gourmet modern kitchen, jaw dropping views and so much more! For more information contact Larry Humes with Premiere Properties NW at (360) 756-6630 Video Copyright: Next Edge Video and, luxury real estate video production. ~ All rights reserved. Homeowners: looking for the most effective way to show your luxury property to the world? Visit or call us NextEdgeVideo (623) 313-3372
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Why people are buying some Southern California mansions and not others.


  1. georgiana1010 says:

    beautiful :)

  2. SuperSparksTV says:

    @Lovesredheads09 The state

  3. raymejr says:

    @Lovesredheads09 = seeing as at the :31 second mark it says “60 miles from Seattle/90 Miles From Vancouver”…ask yourself this…”is there a city named Seattle or Vancouver in the D.C. area?” – when the answer hits you, you’ll have your answer!”

  4. Claudeblackburn says:


    Washington State;

  5. Lovesredheads09 says:

    I am close to Washington is it DC or State?

  6. everythingmac123 says:

    i really need 2.5 million dollars & a plane ticket to washington. kthnx. :D

  7. jamesjames371 says:

    “More bad press for Whole Foods What Gives?”

  8. Omari54 says:

    ” 3 homes sold last year versus 8 homes sold this year . ”

    It is a market so small, the only ones interested are the ones making commissions on the sales.

    This 226% is misleading.

  9. Rydahshit says:

    @6907431 LMAO

  10. 6907431 says:

    Fuck my life….

  11. unperson123 says:

    This is so beautiful!!!!

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